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Our scientists and technicians include highly qualified male and female practitioners who come from a range of backgrounds and bring a diversity of skills. You can bank on us for accurate diagnosis.

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Our administration and support staff have exceptional people who work hard to ensure that all customers are given that quality service that defines us.

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We Provide All Aspects Of Medical Diagnosis For Your Whole Family!

We’re Setting the New Standards in Laboratory, Radiography, ...

We Provide All Aspects Of Medical Diagnostics For Your Whole Family!

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Cornerstone was incorporated by CAC(Corporate Affairs Commision in Nigeria) as a Limited Liability Company in 2005 and that makes us a legal entity. With this registration we pay our company tax yearly and our staff pay taxes too.
We are also registered with Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria,Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency(HEFAMAA) Lagos state.
Recently Cornerstone Medical Diagnostic Ltd was registered as a Covid testing collection centre(in partnership with DNA Labs)by government.

Yes, very affordable.
Infact at the core of our services is the patient care at minimal cost while delivering trusted and reliable results.

(1)Being in business for 19yrs and waxing stronger means we are here to stay and many customers are satisfied with our services.
(2)Having multiple outlets across 5 local governments in Lagos state and still counting means people trust us.
(3)We are one stop shop as we offer array of investigations such as Laboratory,Ultrasound scan(colored), Digital xray(same day reporting),Accreditef Covid testing centre,Blood banking services,Accessibility to our offices (good locations),Mammography(breast xray),Hours of operation from 8am to 8pm(Mon- Saturday) and 2pm-6pm on Sundays.
All our staff are seasoned and brilliant graduates with relevant experiences in their field of operations.

As a matter of company policy, all our professionals are gender balanced for our clients' privacy when needed.
Our clients have the option of asking for the gender they prefer to work on them across all our offices.
Collins Enikhataman
Lab. Scientist
Sunday Olagunju
Operations Manager
Ozoegwu Gerald
Lab. Scientist
Uche Obuonye
HOD, Lab.